Datarow is cut off the 1st page

Hello, I need help regarding an automation. I have developed this automation and been using it for months now without any problems whatsoever. But suddenly, I’m having problem.

To be specific, my extracted data is getting cut off after Page 1.
I’m using a For Each UI Element activity for getting tickets and details within each ticket. Now to do that, I used add data row to that data table. It worked fine previously, but suddenly it’s not now.

Any expert or support that can help me with this one or at least enlighten me? Thank you.


Is there any ui change?

What is not working?

What have you done…

Show something to give you info


No changes whatsoever. I’m just running the same automation for like once every month since it’s a monthly reporting thing.

I think it’s either the For Each Ui Elements activity or the Add New Row activity?

To give more context, the extraction goes like this:

For Each Ui Element > Click on ticket > get text (details) (multiple) > save to strings > assign strings to datarow columns > add new row to data table > condition (if int_element is equal or greater than 22 reduce it by 20, so it would click on the first ticket after navigating to next page. Then if not apply break to the loop)

Like what I’ve previously mentioned, it’s working fine for almost 6 months now. Suddenly it’s not now. Even the previous versions of the automation that I’ve used previously is not working now.

Just to add, it’s weird. Maybe an extension issue? Because, this is my first time seeing “UiPath Browser Automation 23.4 started debugging this browser” now.

Previously, whenever I ran this tool, it doesn’t have a notification message above like that.

Any help? Anyone? Thanks! :slight_smile:

By having the UiPath Extension on Chrome not whitelisted cause this to happen? Or make the For Each UI Element malfunction? Any experts or someone who’s gone through this?