DataIKU with studio

Hello all
Is possible to automate some tasks in dataIKU with studio,?

if yes is there any helpfull links ?

Thanks you lot

Hello @nora_ziani ,

Let me know what are the tasks that you want to perfom in Dataiku.

Hello RAHUL,

I want to click there and import zip file in dataiku,

I want some links to undestand how to connect studio with dataIKU (not found any doc in academy )

Best regards

Hey @nora_ziani

There is no pre-defined documentation for the same.

But in general, yes it’s doable & can be done either via UI Automation or through backend services based on the access availability.


If you are looking for a UI basedautomation, then you use the default uipqth activities…

You can use the recorders to imitate the same actions. But if you are looking for a backend automation, couldn’t find direct activities to do the same.

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