Datagrid Click in loop

I am new to UI Path and i am trying to implement an SAP automatisation.

What i am trying to do, is to loop through every row of a data grid and click the Cell in the 3rd column.
So far, i managed to extract the data grid and use the For Each Row activity. When i use the Click activity in its body, its clicking the same cell over and over again.
How can i modify the Click activity in order to click the 3rd cell in each row?

Thanks you for your help

HI @Florian

Go here and get the answer:

In one of the lessons I am showing how to work with the tables in SAP

Best regards, Lev

Or as I quick hint, read this How to load load data into SAP datatable from excel - #7 by LevKushnir


Thanks :slight_smile:
I will try it right away!

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