I am facing the problem of extracting the data from this website,%20IA,%20USA&latitude=42.0307812&longitude=-93.63191309999999&countryCode=US&locationPrecision=City&adminDistrictCode=IA&radius=30&radiusUnit=mi&page=1&pageSize=20&facets=*&language=en

can anyone suggest what will be be the another way to extract the data?

thanks in advance

Use data scraping @jyothi_M.B,

I tried to extract and the bot successfully extracted the data

@HareeshMR , thanks for reply
If we do it separetly it can excecute the Bot correctly, but when we use in the long process it is extracting the other webpage data

Make sure when the bot reaches this particular extracting activity, the screen which is visible on the screen should be the one you need to extract data @jyothi_M.B

Here is an example

DataScrapingForum.xaml (6.8 KB)

It is taking other site table because the browser instance is not passed,
as selectors for attach/open browser is same for multiple tabs it is taking so…

Solution: when you use the open/attach browser create browser instance in output panel…
Next time when you using browser activities pass the same variable.

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