Datacolumn expression

Hi, I have a table like this

ID Contact IDs CHECK
A Tom A,B True
B Cat C,T,H,B True
D Jerry C,T,H,B False
The column "CHECK" is set as "True" if "IDs" column contains the text present in "ID" column for each row. I am able do this using LINQ and also using normal for each loop. But I have seen that datacolumn.expressions work really fast for other scenarios, is it possible to do this using expressions?
I tried this expression "IIF([ID] IN ([IDs]),True,False)" but this is giving an error according to the documentation the IN operator needs the texts to be searched from needs to be hard coded in the query , something like this will work "IIF([ID] IN (A,B,C),True,False)" But I can't hardcode those values
Thank you :)

"[Column2] Like '%' + [Column1] + '%'"

find starter help here:
DCExpression_ColXIsContainedInColY.xaml (7.2 KB)


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