DatabaseTransaction activity - keep connection open option

Please add an option that would allow the database connection be kept open when using an Existing Connection instead of always closing it.

Agree! It is slow if I have to make a new connection every time I want to do a transaction.


Not sure I understand your request.

Why not have a Connect that outputs the database connection, reuse the database connection as Existing Connection in your execute activities and afterwards disconnect from sql.

This does not address the use of the DatabaseTransaction activity.

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Yes, just like @joe.foster said, the example you shared does not use the DatabaseTransaction activity. You are only using an Execute Query activity.

The DatabaseTransaction activity, if you use it, will always close the connection at the end of the transaction and it will not keep it active no matter what arguments you use.

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Understood. Thanks for the feedback.

Will track this in our backlog and see how we can improve this.

Thanks! Hoping this improvement can be added really soon!