i have excel which contain column name ORDER# and i want to push in database for that in multiple assign i have create variable vOrder and in insert query pass Order which is column name create in database and vOrder also pass but it gives an error

error: Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘Order’

Hi , @Yogita_Gaikwad

Can you share SC of your query?

@Yogita_Gaikwad ,
i doubt that order is taken as a key word (eg: ORDER BY)

is there any problem column name contain #

@Yogita_Gaikwad ,
Give the full column name correctly and give a try,

If that is still throwing an error, then try removing [POC].[dbo] because might u have provided the database name and all in the connection string , so it can identify the extact table without it

It is possible push contain in excel to database if excel column name contain special character # for ex. ORDER#

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