Database table does not exist (database Query)

how do i skip database table when it does not exist ? i want to continue my workflow even when the database table doesn’t exist.

this is my error:

Execute Query: ERROR [42S02] [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-00942: Tabel of view bestaat niet.

Hi @Nightowl_music ,

You can enclose this flow in try catch block and can continue with you next activities.

Sanjit Pa

hello i hav 5 Query’s so put them al in 1 try catch block?

Hi @Nightowl_music,

Yes, you can put all those queries in the try block and in the catch block you can use the Log message activity for the thrown exception.

Sanjit Pal

he still stops with the error

log message is in finally


You are running the process in Debug mode because of that it’s getting stopped here. You can click on Ignore button in Debug Tab to continue with next steps.

how is that in production?


If you running the process in Normal without Debug mode then it will continue with the next steps even if any exception occurred as you enclosed thise activities inside Try block.

thanks mate!

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