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Need a help regarding Database.
Please find the images I have attached.

Here, I have used Select query using database.

Here, there is an output in message box. Where I don’t want column names like, Application and Incomplete.
I just want the output like Hemal and True. Because i want to compare it like, if Incomplete is True then n then move further. But how should I ignore that column header name ?

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Use stropselectdt(0)(“Incomplete”) to get the value of first row, column Incomplete.

Whenever you have a datatable, stropselectdt in your case, you can use the indexing operator to access rows - stropselectdt(0), stropselectdt(1), … will give you first row, second row using the row number, zero based.
When you have a DataRow, stropselectdt(0) in this case, you can use again the indexing operator to get the value for a column either by its number (zero based again) or by its name.

stropselectdt(0)(0) or stropselectdt(0)(“Application”) will give you the value of first row, first column, stropselectdt(0)(1) or stropselectdt(0)(“Incomplete”) will give you the value of first row, second column.

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why you are using output datatable activity output ? that is just for debugging purpose which converts your datatable output as comma delimited string.

Your Execute Query activity will return a datatable so better to use the values from there.

Like you will get only one result then directly u can get Datatable_name(Row_number)(“ColumnName”)

For example: - Datatable_name(0)(“Incomplete”)



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yes no need to convert. How could I do that ! Too silly mistake. Thank you so much again :slight_smile: