Database Filter, not catching last row

I am having an issue where the last row in my database is being missed by the filter.

Here is a screenshot. No matter what I put in, the last row is simply being missed



Hi @daryl_pressley ,

In the Filter Datatable, we notice that you have used = instead of Contains.

You could change = to Contains and let us know if that is the output you Expect.

That being said, if it is not what you expected, Could you Provide The Input Excel and the Expected Output Excel to be able to provide you with a more clear solution.

I tried the contains, and still same outcome.

I can’t attach a file because I am still new.

@daryl_pressley ,

You could provide us with Screenshots as well. However, Also Could you Explain the operation that is to be performed if Possible with points.

Ok, i am going to try this. I hope it makes sense


Step 1 screenshot


This is a snip it. I would like to get rid of the rows that contain






My goal is to get a working database that will allow me to push data into a software program. The first step is to ge

t the data exactly how I need it to appear

@daryl_pressley ,

I believe the above Screenshot is of the Input Excel as to how it is currently present.

But we would also need to have a look at the Expected Output Excel.

According to the Condition mentioned below :

Does the Expected Output have only the below Highlighted Values in Yellow ?

Yes the expected value would only hvae the expected values you highlighted in yellow

Thisis the expected output

Hi @daryl_pressley,

Try printing the row data in a log message and check the data doesn’t contains any junk values, also as a troubleshoot method instead of the Net value in the last row apply a CTRL + - on the last row and give some other value and apply contains on that value, check that if it is working fine or not.

Ask me if you need any clarifications.


Hi @daryl_pressley ,

Will judging the Column values on the basis of them containing only numbers satisfy your requirement?
If so, then you could use this:

Dt_sampleData.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(w) w(0).ToString.IsNumeric).ToList()

If this result of the above is greater than zero, then that means you can feed it into a DataTable:

Dt_sampleData.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(w) w(0).ToString.IsNumeric).CopyToDataTable

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

in the picture you provided it looks like the debits and credits (DB;CR) are in merged cells. Is this true? If so, filter your dt to where Column2 contains DB or CR. That should give you just the rows with the GL accounts and the debits/credits. If you then want to filter out the DB and CR to a new column then using an assign do a split with (0) and (1)

Hope that helps

So tested what you advised

I added “±” in the last row, and I also added it in the 4th row.

I applied the filter to remove ±, and it removed the “±” in 4th row, but it left it in the last row.