Database Connect - Oracle Client - String.Format Variables Coming Back Invalid


  • Using RE Framework
  • Getting asset using in_Config

In The Database Connect activity, I’m successful at connecting when I type the User Name and Password into the connection string, but when using the Get Credentials activity to store the Orchestrator Credential Asset as variables, and entering the connection as String.Format with variables, the Connect activity fails for invalid username/password.

The get credentials variable storing of String for Username and Secure String for Password looks good. I’ve quadruple checked spellings and connected outside Studio and the username/pw in assets is correct. In the same process I have another Get Credentials and Type Secure into a Browser app, and it succeeds no problem, this issue seems to be with how the Connection String is handling the variables via String.Format.

Here’s a successful and unsuccessful connection string. If you can help me with what I’m missing, I’d greatly appreciate it!

“Data Source=(DESCRIPTION=(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=mydb))(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=myhost)(PORT=1521)));Uid=myusername;Pwd=mypassword”

String.Format(“Data Source=(DESCRIPTION=(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=mydb))(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=myhost)(PORT=1521)));Uid={0};Pwd={1}”,userName,passWord)

Hi @llebo


Thanks for the response. I gave the Environment Variable add a shot, but it didn’t seem to do anything.

This issue doesn’t seem to be an issue with connecting, but storing/passing the credential into the connection string.

I tried a different log in and it failed in the String.Format connection string, but succeeded when I typed it into the connection String.

Thanks again