DataArray problem

working with data set as shown:


Goal is to sum column values by Group Entry number. This works but all dates on the subsequent output are being populated with 12/23/2020 (the latest date in the dataset) instead of the appropriate date for each like entry number. Each entry number will have the same Entry date as you can see. What am I missing. I am reading date from original file as “EntryDate”, feeding it through an assign convertedEntryDate |convert.ToDateTime(entryDate) and then in my add data row array and indicating convertedEntryDate.toShortDateString as one of the array fields. When I write line after the conversion I get the correct dates for each but somehow in the add data row array it is not capturing the correct date…thoughts?

Output looks like this:

Sorry folks, my bad. Figured this one out - had my date in array pointing at wrong group

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