Data variable conflict in READ ROW and FOR EACH ROW

I am trying to read and write data from excel, but there seems to be a Problem with variables. Read row is taking System,collections.Generic kind while For EACH ROW seems to take data table. I am unable to fix the error

Hi @xyzxyz_123
use for each activity instead of for each row


The result from a read row ist mit a datatable. So it conflicts. Use a for each instead

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Sorry, I didnot understand what you are trying to say!

Sorry, I didnot get what you are trying to say!

Hi @xyzxyz_123

Read row contains value of 1 row and all the column details, use for each to loop all the column values in a particular row

1 2 3 this is one row result form read row

So read row takes this row values as collection, so you can loop through column values

If you want to loop through rows use read range activity which will store multiple rows

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Multiple rows read from read range activity

I think I got it but why not FOR EACH ROW

Hi @xyzxyz_123

For each row is a subset method of for each activity,

For each row is designed for looping through each rows in datatable, while for each can be used to loop through any element from any type of collections.

That is the reason

Hope you got it

Nived N
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THankyou man

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