Data Validation


I would like to read a specific cell, from an Excel based template, that uses data validation list.

So I used read cell activity, but UiPath gives an exception: "There isn’t a worksheet named ‘Sheet1’.
The sheet’s name, I want to read is ‘Template’. I think this activity wants to get the data, not from the template, but the data validation list behind it.

How can I solve this issue? I cannot read the background database, only the template.


Did you change the sheet name in the input?


Sure, the data validation list causes my problem.
Without the Excel data validation list I can use this activity perfectly

That’s weird, it works fine over here with data validation lists. I’m not convinced the data validation list is the problem, it seems like it’s looking for Sheet1 so it must get that input from somewhere. Can you provide screenshots or the XAML?

Here you can see my example. The cell refers to a Pivot table. But the source of the Pivot is in another Excle file.

Book2.xlsx (9.5 KB)
Book1.xlsx (20.6 KB)

That’s so strange, it seems like it’s referencing the ‘Sheet1’ of the Book2 file, but it fails because Book1 doesn’t have a ‘Sheet1’… Seems like a problem in the logic of the Activity. So I’ve found a couple of ways to work around it. If you change the sheet name in Book2 to ‘Template’, it works. You can also add an empty ‘Sheet1’ to Book1, it’ll have something to reference but will still get the info from the correct place. Third option is to change the ‘Template’ sheet to ‘Sheet1’.

I know these are all not optimal solutions, but they do work.

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Thank you for your help. It worked!
I hope UiPath will solve this logical problem soon.

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