Data validation from an web application

I want to to validate a number like National ID or Passport number from an web application (the mentioned number will be available in the web application). If my provided ID number is not matched with the number which is showing in the application,then the next level of execution will not continue. And if the number matched, then the next level of execution will continue. How can i do that in UiPath?NI

  1. Get the field value from web application using get text and store in variable
  2. Use If Conditon to compare the values

Say variable you created is StrID and the value you have to compare is “0120803”

Condition :- StrID.trim.Equals(“0120803”)

Thank you for the solution. I have applied it but it is not working. My be the variable is not working.
Would you please check and provide me a solution?

StrID should be of Datatype string

Thank you very much. Now it’s working. :grinning:

Make it as solution if it works