Data Table use in place of queues in re framework

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I wanted to understand specific reasons for using data table in place of queues in re framework in uipath. How to decide when to move with data table and when to move with queues ?


Hi @mannu.1996.08

From my knowledge use


If you want to execute the same process in multiple bots.


If you want to execute the same process in one bot.


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Any other reason apart from this one ? as i told this one in interviews but the interviewers are asking for more reasons @prasath_S .

The other reasons I think of is

  1. For datatable the input file has to be placed in the same machine as the process is deployed.

But for queue, if the input file is present in some other users machine and want to execute he can upload it in the queue and start anyone who has access to the orchestrator and queue can input the data and start the process.

  1. There is trigger for queue so whenever there is an item loaded in the queue the process will start,that’s not possible with the datatable.we have to manually place the file and trigger the process.


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Multiple reasons according to the Business Requirement

  1. Client don’t want orchestrator
  2. Client may have a very simple process which is not transactional
    Eg: You have to do Excel sheet manipulation like summing the totals etc., So in this case
    this has no transactions but want to complete the process

Hope this may help you


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Thank you for your guidance @prasath_S @Srini84

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