Data Table to Queue using Bulk Add QueueItems Activity


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I do have a requirement regarding “adding DT to queue” from studio.

Actually the scenario is

Step1: using the queue data I am loading a PDF and then getting the count of PDf, if the page count is more than 300 then I am splitting the PDF into two/three/multiple with page limit 300 based on the No.Of pages using c#( c sharp) in UiPath

Ex: if page count is 600 splitting in to 2 PDF’s, if 1000 splitting into 4 PDF’s

Step2 : with Original queue , I am adding the queue data to DT by using Build DT and Add Data Row Activity

For EX: If the Data in Q1 (Queue1) is having a PDF with 500pages, so the PDF should split in to two PDF’s.

Q1 is split in to Q2 and Q3 with same data of Q1 except the File Name/File path ( Initially Filename is PDF after splitting, It is changed to PDF1 and PDF2 ) and then adding two column’s to the Initial Queue Data one is Boolean (Split is True) other is reference (some part of PDF file Name).

the above is added in to DT and then to Queue by using Bulk Add Queue Items Activity

Error Is: Bulk Add Queue Items: Attempted to access an element as a type incompatible with the array.

Below attached is the Json File of Queue After Uploading Manually

1 is Original Queue
2 and 3 are the Queue’s data after splitting the Original PDF

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Hi, you may use the same properties in all scenarios even if they are applicable/required for it or not. For eg in 1st case please add the IsSplitPdf as false, so the structure remains same for all the transactions. Otherwise you may use ‘Add Queue item’ in loop to load transactions rather than bulk add queue items.

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Hi @kmaddikatla ,

One of the possible reason for this could be the version of your UiPath.System.Activities

  • Change the version to 22.10.5 and give a try.

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Thank you for the reply @PardeepMittal ,
It is working After changing the Downgrading the Version to 22.10.5 ,

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It is working After changing the Downgrading the Version to 22.10.5

Thanks a Lot

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