Data Table - To identify a third column and concatenate values if it exists

I use a data table and add the values in it to a dictionary for further use:

In my data table, the delimiter I have is a colon.

I am using a If statement to check if there are values available in the column 3, if there is a value to concatenate column 2 and Column 3 in the value part of the dictionary.

So far, I tried “Contains”, regex, etc… it did not work, it throws an error that it couldn’t find the column.

What condition should I use in the If statement?


Hi @KavipriyaMoorthy

while specifying column name did u use Column3 ?

I declared a int32 variable that loops. I use that.

Can u show the if condition used ?

Instead of that condition u can use like this


It implies that if the cell value under the 3rd column should not be empty


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