Data table read only if it contains value

I have a data table which I have got after reading the excel as shown KLKL.xlsx (11.2 KB
The data table I have is only with only yellow rows, already created.Now the yellow data table looks
like belowimage .
In this I would need to read every row and then if it contains some value then need to save it else it would check the next row.we only need the values form the row which will have values.
Could any one assist me in this…thank u


Filter data table using this you can get the row which has data.

Suresh J

Hi Sureshji,

Could u please show me with an example that would be really helpful.

Thank u

Use assign activity:

Assign dt1 ="columnname <> ''"). CopyToDataTable()

There are many other ways to remove blank datarows from a datatable as well, feel free to utilize the forum search button to see all of the other threads with the same or similar question

Thanks Dave