Data Table help

Hi All,
How to align this data table?

i have scarped this data and wrote it in excel but now need to align this.


Try reloading the image again
I hope it’s not loaded fully

Cheers @taruna.mehra


If you want to restructure this then, you could try using a Build DT to create a structure for your table and then use a For Each Row to pass the row items to the DT.

could you pls provide the framework?


Please follow the below steps:

  1. Use a Build DataTable activity to create a structure for your output DT.
  2. Iterate through the extracted DT.
  3. Use string manipulation or regular expressions to split the values in the current row. This would give you the values for brand, card no, expiry date, CVV, issuer etc in each row.
  4. Pass the values to the Build DT activity using Add Data Row activity.

Actually am new to UiPath and not from IT so would be helpful if you can tell me the exact format to extract the data from each columns.