Data table feild position change

Hello guys,

I have data table it contains data scrapping data in tabular format. i want to change specific value position when write into excel.
For reference: attaching excel here, data in yello backgroung is output but i want to that specifit value of [0] [32.98] in Blue bachgroung location cell. without changing any other values and position of other values.extract scrapped data.xaml (21.7 KB)
Transaction13-05-2019.xlsx (11.5 KB)

Please check flow also and help me into into.

Seems unclear. Do you wish to change the value or where the value is set in your table (i.e. move cell)?

Also, if it just changing a single cell why not use the Write Cell activity? I suspect there are more conditions to how you wish to automate this

i want to move that yello background cell to blue background postion. by deafult after data scrpping i am getting values into yello cell but i want to move it into blue cell. color backgroung set by me for ur clarification by default it it with white background only.

Use the hotkeys for cutting and pasting is probably the easiest option here. (20.6 KB)

The cell references are hardcoded, so you will need to include some further steps if you want the bot to cycle through and identify which rows have the right values that need moved.