Data table_Comparison

Hi Team,

I need some ideas for the below use case.

Requirement .

  1. There is two different Excel File , Excel 1 is a master File and Excel 2 is a child file
  2. I need to do Vlookup in Excel2 with Excel 1 and wherever data is not available i need to remove entire data set from excel 2 to diff Excel File( may be Excel3 )
    3.Problem here is its a big data - Master file is carrying 15000 data and child file is carrying 9000 records - if i use index to look up it may take lot of time, its a loop likewise it has to do around 10 times

Can anyone suggest some smart way to do this ?


  1. Load Excel 1 into DT1
  2. Load Excel 2 into DT2
  3. Use Data Table Filter Activity with required conditions and Save the Output to DT3.
  4. Save DT3 to Excel 3.

Do you mean Filter Table activity ?

Yes @Lawrance_A

but i have to filter more than 1000 items , it will take huge time to put 1000 items

It doesn’t takes much time.

I am taking about the below activity.

i am using enterprise 2018.1.4 so i dont have this activty :frowning:

You can use

Assign Activity, ResultDataTable = DataTable.Select("[Column Name] = 'Value'").CopyToDataTable

Hello @Lawrance_A
this might be able to help you out