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I am having data table as client name and error now i gave arrayrow as {client name,“missing link”,client details"} so next what is the data that will enter in client name and error

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Didn’t understand your query can you elaborate?


table has only 2 columns and you are passing 3 values in the array.This will result in error

in add data row i gave array expression as {client name,“missing link”,client details"} so after runing bot what data will come in build data table

for passing 3 values i am using Sheetcount + 1 in assign

In here did you missed double quotation in the start of Client Details if its a variable remove the last double quotes

The data table will contains a row of Client Name, missing link, Client Details


you have to use build datatable for creating table structure and use add datarow for passing array values


as you have different number of columns in data table and  you pass the 3 variable in it . which is result in error.
try to make the number  of data table column and variable is same. 
For more reference check the thread->

already i build and after building i want to know what data will come in data table after giving {client name,“missing link”,client details"} in add data row

This is what your row have

you can use output data table activity to convert datatable to string and use message box to see the data table

thanks sudharsan query got cleared

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thanks lakshmi i got some new ideas by your suggestions

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