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Dear Uipath Community,

I am struggling right now regarding adding different “Root Cause Types” for one Claim Numbers.

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I have created a data table with the following headers : (see the pic below)

Till here, it works pretty good and The Bot writes the value to this excel sheet withiout any issues.

However, in the excel sheet, you can see column no. from “J” to " L" . There are around 3 to 4 root causes only for a single claim Number (Column A) and the BOT should extract all the root causes for a single Claim Number from the web page and pass it to the excel file.

However**, BOT passes always the last root cause type to this excel file.**

How can I extract all the root causes for a single Claim Number (Column A)?

Overview of “Add Data Row” : Where OutDT is the name of data table created by me !!


Waiting for your response and support !

Thanks & Endeavors

Hi @pradhansauryashankar,

So when you say 3 - 4 root cause for a claim that means 3-4 rows with same claim number right?
And can you please show how you are taking the data from source website and passing it to add row?
are you filtering out the extracted data from website for particular claim number and then adding to it?

Hi @shubham
Thanks for your response.

Ya u are right. There are 3-4 rows with a same claim number. I have used “Data Scrapping” in order to extract the information from the data table from the website.

Then I have used for each row activity, so that BOT reads one by one each and every rows and pass the value to the data table (I created manually). +

PS: Claim Numbers I have already captured it in the starting of the process (See below)

After extracting this claim Number, Bot clicks on it and then a new “Pop up window” will be opened, from where I have to extract 4 diffferent root causes " as shown below:


However, BOT only gives the value of the last rows (LABEL). I would like that BOT should give me all 4 root causes like “Packaging, Packaging, Label & Label”

If you want, we can share our email ID and then I could show you , "how I extracted information from source website and how did I pass it !

My Email

Waiting for your response !


Hi @pradhansauryashankar,

Yes, may be we can connect and see it once if I am able to provide some relevant solution. Because I will have to check how you are extracting these root causes from website.
Email Id-


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