Data table activities“age<‘20’&&class>‘5’&&city.contains(e)”).CopydataTable
now tell me where i did mistake
the error is missing operand before &&
to make the above conditins true and want to get output based on this conditions


Use AND instead of &&

And also put single quotes properly.

again getting error in city.contains(e) is it correct expression to get the output


Here ‘e’ is what kind of variable ?


OutputDt.asenumrable.where(function(x) cint(x(“age”)) <20 andalso cin(x(“class”)) >5 andalso x(“city”).tostring.tolower.contains(“e”) ).copytodatatable

i didnt declared anything about it.want to declare to use it…

tell me the expression to get the output that city which contains “E” chracter and what variable type we have to give for “e”


Are you trying to filter City column contains ‘e’ or what ?

If yes then try like this:“age < 20 AND class > 5 AND city like ‘%e%’”).CopydataTable

i got it sir thank you…
sir can you please tell me find and delete the duplicate rows in data table

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Hi @tuttu

in the above expression “city.Contains(e)” , if we are using Contains in any expressions the target should be the type boolean and most times it used in if conditions,
Note: First you should convert any datatype to String and then you should use Contains because Contains comes under String type,
Please refer the following program:
dtConditions.xaml (6.7 KB)
new.xlsx (7.8 KB)

Goutham Vijay


The following expression will delete duplicate records from given Data Table.

Datatablename.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“Column1”,“Column2”,…). CopyToDataTable

thank u goutham for your reference

if we want to sort more than columns in a sort data table activity which expression we want to write
and also tell me how to generate and lookup data acivities

more than two columns

how can we do
get time span fields
parse date
get elapsed days &time activities
tell me the expressions for it