Data table activities like join,merge,finding duplicate rows and columns and sort table

can anyone help me to understand and to do it please…

could you please elaborate on your requirement, so that will be able to assist.

Or is just you want to understand the working of it and implement it?

i want to know how to implement it…so, iam at beginner level so explain me in a practical methodalogy.

That’s a broad question. Start with a Google Search, using System.DataTable plus your required operation (DataTable alone comes up with, a JS-driven table for web applications such as ASP.NET MVC - so, use System. to avoid that confusion).

Sorting can be done with a standard activity. Alternatively, you can use the Invoke Code activity with anything you can find with regard to DataTables, for example (this is C#, but the object and method names are the same):

With regard to duplication handling, consider searching this forum. This question was asked (and answered!) plenty of times.

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