Data Table : A Column named '0' already belongs to this Data Table error


I try to create a automation to copy a data from Several Excel File to single excel file. While I don’t have a problem on the first Excel File, I have an error that said “A Column named ‘0’ already belongs to this Data Table” when I try to read a Data Table from different Excel File on a same Variable.

I already try to find a solution on this Forum but still can’t found the exact solution for my problem. I already try to make the Data Table into NULL before read the second Data Table but it is still nothing. I also try to uncheck the ‘Add Headers’ option but it’s doesn’t give me a data that I’m looking for.


I guess the file has same column name twice so the error coming like already belongs to the Datatable.

Its better you create the new Datatable with build Datatable activity and when reading several files you use write range and put it in your Build Datatable Dt.


Hello @hasib08

Thank you for your reply. I already solve this problem. Turns out it is my own mistake. A really dumb one. Hahaha.

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Hiii @Yogi_Gozali

can you tell me what is the mistake you did.

Hi @amalmarella

I solved it with uncheck the “Add Headers” option on the Read and Insert Data Table. I was only uncheck the Read Data Table activity and leave Insert Data Table still checked.

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