Data Table 3

Hi Guys,

I need to replace name form Mohan sharma to Mohan Yadav in below excel which activity i can use to do this


Hi @Nitin2606

I would read the range into a datatable and then perform a for each on the datatable. In the for each, I would have an assign row.Item(“Name”) = If ( row.Item(“Name”).ToString = “Mohan sharma”, “Mohan Yadav”, row.Item(“Name”).ToString)


In For Each row
if(row(“Name”).tostring.equals(“Mohan Sharma”)) => IF activity
row(“Name”)=“Mohan Yadav” => Assign activity

@ranjith It’s not writing in excel, i need to replace the name in excel


After for each activity you should write DT back. Use write range activity to write the modified DT


Please find the attached file.

DataTable.xaml (11.4 KB)