Data Service is now Generally Available (GA)

I am happy to announce that Data Service is now Generally Available (GA). Thanks a lot for your feedback and usage during the preview phase. We had over 3000 users of Data Service in last two months in preview which provided us valuable input to ensure service reliability and scale.

UiPath Data Service brings powerful no-code data modeling and storage capabilities to your Robotic Process Automation (RPA) projects. It is designed to be fully integrated with UiPath Studio and UiPath Robots, allowing you to build robust automations that can leverage capabilities like rich relational data types, integrated security, and instantaneous provisioning and deployments without worrying about the scale.

Some of the key benefits of Data Service are -

  • One-click Provisioning - Enable Data Service for any of your tenant(s) directly from the Automation Cloud portal.
  • Easy Data Modeling - Model your data as entities with just a few clicks and without having to write any code. Start by creating a new entity, creating fields, and defining relationships between entities.
  • Rich Data Types - Rich data types like Text, Number, Date, Date-Time, Yes-No, Relationships, Choice Sets and File Attachments allow you to model all common business data.
  • Integration with UiPath Studio and Robots - Data Service is fully integrated with UiPath Studio and Robots. You can import entities in Studio as rich data types with a single click. A set of custom activities enable you to create powerful automations using the created data types.
  • Integrated security, and secure by default - Integrated security allows you to assign permissions/roles to any users or user groups from your tenant while ensuring that no one outside of your organization can access the data.

Since our preview announcement, we have added several new features including:

  • Files/Attachments
  • Choice sets
  • Permissions/Roles

Read more about these in last week’s post.

Lastly, I am happy to announce that both our UiPath Community Cloud and Enterprise Cloud customers will continue to get Data Service usage rights with their existing licenses. Enterprise Cloud customers should reach out to their account managers to understand their usage rights.

You can read about all the GA capabilities in our release notes and learn about product features, use cases and how-to scenarios in our User Guide.