Data Service API - Part 4 | Entity File Operations

Hello Community!

This is Part 4 of the UiPath Data Service API video tutorial series.

This video will cover the API Endpoints that will help us perform file based operations against our Data Service Entities.

  1. We start with the basic step of adding a “File Type” field to an Entity
  2. We then focus on the Upload File endpoint and learn how to use it with Postman and Talend API Clients
  3. We follow that up by learning how to download and delete an existing file that is associated with an Entity record

Happy Automating!

Basic familiarity with UiPath Data Service is required for this video
If you’re new to Data Service APIs (or APIs in general), watching all previous parts of this video series is required.

Reference topics:

  1. UiPath Data Service User Guide -
  2. UiPath Data Service API documentation home page -
  3. The Postman UiPath Connector guide- UiPath Add-ins Guide
  4. Open source PKCE generator - Online PKCE Generator Tool
  5. Advanced Automation Template with DataService from RPA Vanguard - Advanced Automation Template with DataService - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

cc: @Karan @ankit.saraf