Data Separation

Can Any one tell that how can i separate the values in equivalent variable like mob_no= 9810638822

this is the value
which consist data in string type variable which i shown in msgbox
please resolve my problem


You can, for example, save that whole text in a string variable and then, follow the next steps:

  • Split(yourVariable,"Mobile No.: ") and you will get the rest of the string until the end.

  • Then, I would save that string in another variable and make “yourNewVariable.SubString(0,10)

  • Now you have in “yourNewVariable” the value: 9810246439

P.S.: Its just a way to do it, I hope it could help u

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Thanks but

these process is only for contact no… how will be accept address, name, email,
how name will be idntify, how compiler will know that which is name value from these all text,

if i will follow this process for the another mob. from this value then how compiler will find the another value…

@bitubawankar basically what you need to do here is split text by multiple ways at first I would try to get only the data I want into one line. Lets say “Mobile No.: 9810638822” (this will be one line). Then I would split by “:” and then remove the “:”. After that you can search in the array if you find “Mobile”. If I found the text then i will take the next item. That item will be hat you need.
This will work if your data will have the same format.

@bitubawankar or you can do what Pablo said, but you need to make it a little dynamic, instead of “Mobil No.:” you can make a variable where you can put all tags you want to find and in an forEach split the text

HI @bitubawankar,

Mobile number:
Use Matches activity
Input : strvalue
Pattern : ((?<=Mobile No.:).*(?=, E-mail:))
Result: iEnumResult ->IEnumberable
after that use assign activity to get the data
strMobileNumber=iEnumResult (0).ToString()

Use Matches activity
Input : strvalue
Pattern : ((?<=Email :).*(?=Website))
Result: iEnumResult ->IEnumberable
after that use assign activity to get the data
strEmail=iEnumResult (0).ToString()

create string ->arrvalue
arrvalue= strvalue.Split(Environment.NewLine.ToArray, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)



sorry friends i am not able to do it… i an giving attachment pdf file plz try to pick eack value in related variableND.pdf (224.8 KB)

try this, I hope its help you mate

test3.xaml (10.0 KB)

You can also try this another example
test3.xaml (17.2 KB)

This one will take a few more time to process the info because I used more OCR activities, but it works fine.

Here is the result


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Thanks for details,
your image is not opening did u select entire image for all the variables using selector? or u selected each text from images

in the second example I just selected each text :slight_smile:

i have multiple visiting card with same patterns but name, contacts etc will be different how should i proceed to select each text images

if u have many PDF images it would be too much work do it with OCR. You should use the first example I made, taking the fields that you want to keep of each PDF.

Sorry but I cant give you more ways to do it :(… maybe any other fellow will help you! Keep alert !! :slight_smile:

Thanks dude

You are welcome my friend, Im gonna leave the job so I wont be online.

I wish to you the best luck!! You are welcome mate!

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