Data Selector Format Flow

Hello Team,

We have a website in which selectors are static the change occurs in selection of date

1)Selections are done(Other click activities are static there would be no change)
2)In date the Start date and Actual End date there would be difference

It needs to run twice example this week start date(Monday(09-10-2023))
and End date(Sunday(15-10-2023))

The other selectors would be same so how can the same workflow be run twice changing the selection in date only

File download completed

Then will run for last week
Then last week date selected start date (02-10-2023))
and End date (08-10-2023))

Have same selector flow as before and file will be downloaded

Have attached sample for reference

Thanks in advance


Use a type into activity to do the date typing and pass variables in place of values…so that you can run with different values as you need



To run the same workflow twice in UiPath changing the selection in date only, you can use the following steps:

In the For Each activity, set the Collection to a list of two dates, the start date and end date for each week.

Inside the For Each activity, add your workflow that needs to be run twice.

In the workflow that you added to the For Each activity, add Assign activities to set the start date and end date variables.

Use the start date and end date variables in the selector for the date selection activity.

Add a File Download activity to the workflow to download the file.

Add an Assign activity to set the current week variable to the next week.

Add a Loop Back activity to the workflow to loop back to the start of the For Each activity.

Thanks for the prompt response @SrenivasanKanna

What other approaches could be followed just wanted to know