Data scriping

Hello guys!
I need your advice!
I have a excel-file of vacancies (I did dispatcher-project with queues in orchistrator) and I have a website with vacancies (I used data scraping). Its perfomer for me.
Now I need to compare vacancies by their ID and I have the next Tasks:
For each record in file, you have to find appropriate record on site page and compare its ID values. If values are equal, mark cell of ID column in File with green color. In case of inequality – with red color. If any record was not found on site page, throw business exception and mark cell in xlsx file with yellow. In case of Application Exceptions – mark cell with yellow.

I need your advice to solve this tasks…

Hi @Olek1

Check the condition like this excel row(“ColumnName”).ToString.Equals(row(“ColumName”).ToString extract datatable then use set range color activity
based on the conditions you can iterate and check ur scenario by log message mentioning the scenario

Ashwin S

please write more extensive how to do it right:slightly_smiling_face:

please look if the process is correct

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