Data scrapping with selectors

Hi @Povilas_Jonikas

You can ty with Regex Expression

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(CurrentRow("Column1").ToString.Trim,"(?<=Numer katalogowy części)\S+(?=Producent)|(?<=Numer katalogowy części)\S+").ToString

Check out the XAML file

ExtractDT.xaml (14.8 KB)


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Thanks Gokul for the file. It has potential. It gets the codes that need to be taken, but I need to put them into an excel file. My file for now looks like this. I would be happier than ever if you could somehow combine the two, so that i could paste the codes in excel.

NOTE: Will that example of your’s work when I try to take multiple data at a time? I would love to get the price, the price that has zl z dostawa next to it. Will the regex let it slide?
Main.xaml (17.9 KB)

Thanks a lot Peter for the updates! :smiley:

But honestly I can’t even Imagine where to start. Is it possible to get some examples or meybe some more detailed insights on the options? Thanks a lot!

just configure the extraction on entire line (mini RnD)

do the extraction over all pages
add later additional columns
Loop with a for each row and implement the cleansing

  • retrieve full line value
  • post process line/extract e.g. with Regex or other string manipulation
  • update the prepared empty extra cols with the extracted data

after for each delete the column with the full line
optionally: rearrange the data column positions

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you need to get the Price also and remove the zl z in that right?

What is this XAML file


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Thanks for reaching out again.

No, what I meant is that I also need two more collums of data. (Check screenshot)

When I tried to add them in the file that you sent me, it just bugged off.

And the file is the one that I am using. Is it possible to somehow combine theese two into one so that the data would be written in excel.

Ok, thanks Peter for the insights. Ill try my best and then let you know! :slight_smile: