Data Scrapping using search option

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Could you please help me with sequence steps for scrapping data from website using search option and save (Gettext)data n excel or csv file.
Am trying to take data from excel file and open browser, search the number and I need to Get text(Multiple data tables) to excel or csv file.

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U can check this

Thank you very much for the quick response, I need to do data scrapping for one search item alone, For example, I need to serch for Iphone and I need to get specifications of that particular model and the same way I need to get get specifications alone for all models(Like Samsung, Redmi, Oppo etc) providing model number in search item…


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Can you tell me which website do you need to scrape the data


Hello Srinivas

I need to scrap data from diffrent websites, Ex:
In this website I need to search for A00002-3 and get data in excel as mentioned below for all part numbers to be save in excel.

|VPN Description Size Reactivity
A00002-3 Anti-TNF Alpha Antibody Picoband 100μg/vial Human

Other part numbers

Can anybosy help me the above issue?

Thank you All… I found the solution…