Data scrapping taking Long time

Hi everyone,
I am trying to scrap structured data from a web page.
Using data scraping selecting the required table and clicking the last data of the page, changing the number of entries to 0 (Scrap Data).
To scrap the remaining pages i am selecting the next button, and it takes too long to get me output
I have gone through couple of threads in forum and try to modify the next button selector but still issue is not sorted
Pls help me

Hello @km81

As you have mentioned there is a navigation button and the data is there in the table format, did you tried with Table extraction or Datascrapping and provided the navigation button in the activity itself? Also if the number of items are more in each page it can take sometime to extract all the data.

Please watch the below video to get more idea on this.

Thx @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
The issue is its only trying to extract data from the first page and not scrapping other pages data.but it sometimes navigating to every pages but not extracting any data

@km81 Will it be possible to share the url here? Also is the format of the table static for all the pages?

I am sorry due to some reason i cant share anything

Thx a lot