Data Scrapping table from browser

I’m using the data scrapping option to take data from table in a browser.

How it works is that it gets an ID from an Excel file. Enters the id into a search field in the browser an the id will pull up a table of activities. When setting up the data table the tables I have access to only have three rows, including a header row. What I would like to confirm is if the table has more than 3 rows would it be able to identify that and still read all the data from the table or would there be a better method for me to use.

Hai @Nelson.R… use selector to find the Id in the Excel file then use input dialogue activity in data scraping in search field (enter text you want to search that is I’d)… Use for each row for all the id coloumn consecutively selects the id separately that automatically enter into search field (input dialogue) untill id coloumn end