Data Scrapping, Processing on Extracted DataTable and Opening Detail Page for Processed DT

The process goes like this:

  1. Scrape data with pagination, so it goes till the last page of the records. Received extracted Data Table.
  2. Filtering on extracted DT with ForEach, I get the “IndexOf” the selected row.
  3. Now, I am on the last page of records, I may come to the first page if required however row can be on any inner pages (2,3,4…)
  4. I need to click in the 1st column, to get to the details page.

My question here is how to get co-relative data as I am not able to fetch the URL, as I am extracting the full table.

Next question, is there any activity where I can process data and paginate accordingly; let’s say if my row index is 24, can it traverse 2 pages and go to the 3rd page to find this row?

Awaiting your inputs/assistance on the issue.

@loginerror @Palaniyappan @Pawel Can you please guide me on the above issue?

Did we try passing index value for I’d attribute in the selector do that it will take use to the page we want
Even to go for each page we can increment the page number and put that whole sequence inside the try catch block so that if ther is no more page then it will throw error and will be caught by catch block

Cheers @mrkrunaldoshi

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Let me check and get back to you in a while.

Sure @mrkrunaldoshi

My selector looks as below:
<webctrl parentid=‘memberSearchResults’ tag=‘A’ idx=’{{intPatientRow}}’ />

Here, intPatientRow is the index of selected row which fulfills my condition however it does not take us to the particular page we want.

However, based on your inputs, I tried with Do While and iterated through each page, taking x records per page to process and moved to next page till next button is disabled. It worked as expected.

Thanks @Palaniyappan for your guidance.

Happy Automating!

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Have a great day