Data scrapping pattern/Data table forming when scrapped

@Povilas_Jonikas You should pass the values into a data table using ArrayRow or DataRow fields within Add Data Row Activity. Ref below video

Add values to a data table - Video

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In the array of row pass the expression like this…

For example if we wants to store the extracted data in Text try like this…

And also one more thing from where we are getting the INFO?

Do we wants to store the INFO as well? If yes, From where we’re getting the Info? we have to add that info as well if we wants to store that in a data table…

In arrayOfRow mention like this…


That’s it.


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Hi Rahul and thanks for the response, but it doesn’t work. I always need to scrappe the same data in the same place, but I go through a lot of urls to do that. When I go to the first one, it works, but the second one just doesn’t get any data.

Hi Usha and thanks for the video, I’ll look in to it, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey again NaNi! :slight_smile:
I’m sorry, the “INFO” was just a test, my bad for mistaking you.
It looks like I made progress, the ui works until it comes to add data row activity, then I get this error

What can be the problem here? I can attatch my workspace if it would make your life easier.
Remparta test.xaml (14.8 KB)

And by the way, this is how the excel file looks like from where he gets all the url’s to paste in

Would love to get some feedback on this, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi NaNi,

So I figured out the add data row problem, but I’ve ran into the same starter problem.
When I extract the first page, it does it nicely, but when the ui pastes the second url, the get text activity doesn’t find the ui element to scrappe and gives me an error.

The first url and info im extracting is this:

The second url that the get text activity doesn’t find the ui element:

Is there a problem with the selectors of the element? For what I know, the selector doesnt change. It stays the same, but why cant the “get text” activity do it on loop?

Please help me, i’m so close, but yet so far.