Data Scrapping output issue

Hi there I need help with a data scrapping I need to do
I am scrapping a list of names then I need to take action on each name

step 1 scrape names
step 2 for each name on table do actions

but the data scraping is not scraping at all

the names a listed like this

any solution?



Is Data scraping identifying above attached table ?

Are you trying to scrape the data from website ? and also please let me know what kind of data available after clicking the specific name?

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hi thanks, its does not trows any errors but when scraping the flows ends and the output is empty
so I think is not

I do a first web scraping like this

empty extraction result often occurs from wrong / outdated selectors. Just check the selector and ExtractMetadata XML on parts, which are dynamic. Maybe you can share your selectors with us. Please use the </> button for this

then I do a for each

And this is the part where the 2 data scraping is the one with errors not working well


I ran again and could scrape now the issue is that I need to click and execute an action for each name that it scraped

Hi there I updated now since I could manage to make it scrape but the actions for each row is the problem now

Hey try to use anchor base with find element. and also show me the selector which will change after you refresh the page.

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Hi @anon21135082

Use click instead of click text.

In click Pass the selectors dynamically.


hi thanks, how do I pass it dynamically?

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For example If the aaname attribute is dynamic we can use like this,

Sample selector

The value should be in single quote like for title attribute it is test and for using a variable we can use either " + variablename " + or {{variablename}}

Refer this also


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