Data scrapping not in correct format

Am scrapping the table from link.

Am facing an issue, as am unable to extract the table same as in webapplication.
am getting the data in table within columns…

Can you please share screenshot of what you are getting?

Thanks for the reply.
am getting output asCapture

You need to fine tune the selectors. Try this,
ExtractYahooFinanceData.xaml (11.2 KB)

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Currently am working in edge browser am getting error as unable to communicate with browser

Change the browser type in Attach browser to Edge.
and make sure you UiPath extension added in Edge browser.

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Thanks alot.
Am getting the output. same way i did for remain tabs its working fine. but i struck in finance tab.
how to do that can you plz explain. because i have to scrape for quarterly also.

Inspect the element using UiExplorer or browser inspector and figure out the exact selector.
Other important note is when you are selecting the elements in data scrapping wizard, try to select the outer most tag in the cell.

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Use IE to rectify this error.