Data scrapping handling

How to handle data scrapping when page is taking time to upload?

I am learning UiPath everyday but unable to solve this challenge.

My loop is working fine only during data scrapping it’s not working fine. Pls share suggestions: have put delays also before data scrapping

we try to avoid delays and only use it for issue analysis reasons

there are Out of the box mechanism e.g WaitForReady, Check App State ( it can work in some cases)

Another option is to use retry scope (or model your custom retry scope flow)

Also feel free to combine the different options with each other

I used to wait for ready with complete option but it didn’t work. It’s working fine when I run 1st time but the moment it goes on 2nd selection and it’s selecting the correct name on the website but when it comes to data scrapping it’s not completing the process and again going back to 1st selection and scrapping the data

we mentioned also

so check at the strategy of Retry Scope activity

Hello @taruna.mehra

Are you using Table extraction to fetch the data? or data scrapping?

Check in the property, you will able to see Wait for page load, set the value to complete.

Also if you are trying to navigate to other pages and trying to fetch pattern based data or table , then you can proide the delay between each page.Set that to a reasonable value.

Hi m using data scrapping activity. It’s selecting 2nd name when loop is running but not scrapping the data. It scraps the 1st name data which bot has already scrapped in first run.

Now I tried adding delay then I tried wait for ready property. I am getting the data from input file.

@taruna.mehra Can you share the screenshot of the data which you are trying to extract?
Is it a table format or pattern based?

Nse site and it’s like a data table. I selected first nifty 50 options then it’s working fine n scrapping the data but when it’s selecting 2nd option then data scrapping is failing

Share that link please. Also the page which you are trying to extract

Trial.xaml (13.1 KB)

sharing my xaml, just run this bot. Attaching data file as well.

DataFile.xlsx (12.2 KB)

DataFile.xlsx (27.6 KB)
Trial.xaml (18.5 KB)

Just try the attached flow. You can see the extracted data in the Sheet1. You can change that logic to write to different sheets.

Hi, Thanks, and this much I could do. if you want to run in loop mode then the bank option is not scrapping. have you tried running for both the rows?

moreover if you see at the output section then nifty bank options is selected but not scrapping the data.

Yes, i tried and it was working. You can check the excel which i have shared

Hi, the excel says only nift data not for bank nifty.

i tried your version.

below is the screen shot.

see i think selector is failing

Sorry…You are getting this error as i have created the project in C# and you are executing in vb.

Can you create the same in VB and try it out. As per my understanding it has captured all the data.

Did he cover bank nifty also cos I tried it’s taking only nifty 50 options. Could you pls share your scrapped output file

I recreated the project in VB and plz find the solution. You can find the output in the Output.xlsx file. (1.1 MB)

Thanks it worked out but strangely i was following the same but may b i didnt do append range to see the result.

Did you change anything else apart from adding append range? just for my understanding.