Data scrapping & excel

how to rename the excel file using the name of the data to recover, for example: I recover the data sorted by city, I want my created excel file to be named by NameCity.xlsx

Hi @sarra.meziane

use move file activity and tick overwrite option ,give source and destination

Source - Your existing file path
Destination - your new file path


thanks for your answer, but I want each time to generate an excel file but the file name will be created by the Name of the value to retrieve.
example: I get a “spain” data
my generate file is spain.xlsx
I retrieve a “France” data
my generated file is france.xlsx
my input is a Datable

Then we can use write range activity and pass the datatable and the file path it will create a new file everytime.

ok thanks

Okay let me know if anything needs and if your issue resolved please mark it as solution… thanks

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