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I am doing the data scrapping inside a website portal here I will get many tickets BOT needs to check each and every ticket after that I need to write into an excel at last it as to be upload into a portal.
But each time I just want to upload the individual ticket into a portal which will be in excel was extracted by BOT.
First time it will write into excel correctly(Only values not the headers) but for second time it is also taking the header and writing into the excel(in this case or for each case I just need to write the Values from excel into the portal) someone please help me on this.

While writing on to same file use APPEND RANGE ACTIVITY so that every time the data will be entered to the last row of the existing data

Cheers @HeartCatcher

Datascrapping.xlsx (9.0 KB)
Please refer the attachments

Thanks for the reply , actually BOT will scrap the data of a Ticket then it is write into excel(only one employee details it is getting correct for the first time) but in for second employee details I just want to delete the first extracted data then I want to write the second employee details into excel then upload to a portal(I meant I want to delete the first employee details after uploading into the portal then I want to write second employee details and upload to the portal after uploading the data BOT needs to delete the excel data of second employee details, after that I want to write the third extracted data and write into excel and upload then delete the data related to 3rd employee details and the loops continue based on the number of the tickets)

@Palaniyappan ,

Please help me on this

I am using the activities as in the attachment but it is not deleting the previous employee details.

Dear Naveen,

Use Write cell option instead of delete range. Give the sheet name “sheet1” and Range for ex. “A2:D25”.
Below field input “”. It will clear the contents in an given range.

Or you can follow the below link
How to Clear Excel Sheet Cell values - Help - UiPath Community Forum

Geetishree Rao

Hi GeetiShree,

Can you please explain a bit more please.
I gone through the article which you shared but I couldn’t understand that.

If possible by taking the input from the excel which attached create a sample workflow pleae

Dear Naveen,
Everytime you are deleting one record(one row)?
Use the Write Cell activity and pass the range of the Row say A2:Z2 (if first row is header)
Then use write range to write the data.

Geetishree Rao

No I am deleting entire data from the excel.
After that I will write the fresh extracted data into the deleted excel

Then in that case You pass the entire range in select range activity and use send hot key delete option

Hi @HeartCatcher

your Steps will as Follows

1 ) Data scraping the following.

2)Use The path Exists Activity.(Create a path of the Excel file path)


3)If Path exists then delete file using the delete file activity.
else write Range the dataScraped Extracted Datatable with Add headers property checked.


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Hi @HeartCatcher

could you send me a screen shot of your flow!

Or Use Kill excel before Deleting the file!


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Try using Kill process Process name excel before deleting!


Thanks its worked fine.

Kudos @HeartCatcher

Happy automating!


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