Data scrapping ERROR

#After scrapping the data the scrapping wizard just vanishes

I am working on scrapping structured data from the web, where I have
1.To scrap the data from the first page and then click on the values of the row
2.and that will take me to the new page where I have to scrap structured data again

And I have to loop through the process till the end of the table.

Activities that i have tried
1.I started using data scapping ---- It vanishes
2.Used Extract structured data activity ------ error in the root node in line 1 and position 1 and thats it.

Srikrishnavijayam krishnaraj

DataScraping.xaml (16.7 KB)

Check the Attached workflow you will find solution for your problem.
In this workflow i have used “Trading Economics” website to scrap data.

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