Data Scrapping and Writing the output in a CSV



I am scrapping data from a website and want to write the output in an Excel file. After adding data scrapping activity, I add Write CSV as the next subsequent activity. I am not sure what to fill in File path and Data Table columns, to get the desired result. Also would this be enough for doing this? Or there are other activities that need to be added?



File path : is specifying your destination path where you want to save the file
eg: "C:\Users\useName\DDesktop\filename.csv"

Data Table: is the output from satascrapping activity


hi @ritiksuneja,

Like this you have to specify it.



Hello @ritiksuneja,

you can use write CSV and write range as well. have a look at below screenshot,




Thanks a lot, just want to know if I have to create an empty file and save it in the specified location and it will write the scraped the data in it or it will automatically create a file in the specified location and then write the output.

Also do I need to create any variables for the same?


Hi @ritiksuneja,
You don’t want to create the empty file. If is not exists , it will create the file automatically . If it is exists, it will overwrite.

To Details :



Its working fine, thanks a lot. Really appreciate the quick response :slight_smile: