Data scrapping and exporting to csv

When I’m performing data scraping of a SharePoint list from a SharePoint portal and exporting to a csv file. The first 30 rows are coming up perfectly. But the next rows are coming up in separate column.

Eg. If my list has columns Employee Name City Phone Address. The first 30 rows come up perfectly. But the next page rows
appear in CSV as Column-0, Column-1, Column-2, Column-3.

I’m using Write to CSV function


Could you please share your xaml.


WebScreen_example.xaml (8.2 KB)

Attached the xaml file

Attached are the screenshots for the issue.


In this case I think you are extracting the whole table. Can you try to extract the columns individually (hit no in the first dialog box and then select the first and second item for each column) and see if that work better?

Only one selecting pagination I’m getting the error otherwise the tool is perfectly scraping the table. On other hand selecting individual columns the data format is quite different.

Thanks Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae. It is coming for individual columns. But the columns must have valid entries. If there are any empty values, then UiPath might not recognize the column properly.