Data Scrapping & Adds

Hello everyone!

I am currently learning and taking the courses from UiPath RPA Academy and I can’t solve a problem.

I want to use Data Scraping to extract data from this website: Je bent bijna op de pagina die je zoekt [funda]

However, there are may advertisements between the data that I am trying to extract. Would someone be kind and patient to explain to me how can I overcome this issue?

The data scraping does not identify all the data that I want to extract because there are adds in between.

Thanks a lot for your attention and congratulations for this amazing software!


Hmm either use an ad blocker or idk, I mean, it should avoid the Spam tbh as is not a “regular” field

Hello @rodrigodalo,

If you just take the headers and the information it works, but if you try to take the whole as one information you will get a very strange output from funda.

Here you have a sample with the information that is possible to to extract. (612.1 KB)