Data Scraping XML extractor - omit a tag

Hi, i try to extract data from web page but i do not need the last tag of row.

I ran this and extracted data correctly but, in some rows tag=‘a’ contains tag=‘strike’.

I do not need the rows which exists the tag=strike. How i can omit it?

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there are some limitations on ExtractMetadata Selectors and the Selectors we do use e.g. on Click activity.
Some syntax Parts are not supported. In your case do a filtering afterwards with e.g. Filter DataTable, DataTableVar.Select or LINQ on the ExtractedData Datatable

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You could try something like this, if your data is being scraped into a table. (3,0 Ko)

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Thanks guys, you give me a good idea, i can combine yours replies and will add a new extract column which contains only values with tag=‘strike’ and i will filter the extract table with this column.

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