Data scraping- Write cell to all lines

Hi all
How do i paste the order number and po number to all the lines in the ExtractDataTable lines

  • Use data scraping to extract item description, qty and item number.
  • do a write range to excel
  • Use get text to capture the order number and po number (which is not part of the data scraping).
  • Use write cell to add to excel

Use Write Cell activity and extend the range to the next two cells.

Current Scenario: Write Cell, Range: “D2”, Value: “911097006”
Updated: Write Cell, Range: “D2:D4”, Value: “911097006”

Similarly for PO Number.

Karthik Byggari

How to do the dynamic range, if there are 10 items, then write cell D2:D11 and so on…

If you know the last row until where you have to write then use that counter in the write cell as below.

For example, you have a variable called intCounter and value is 10

In write cell, Range should be "D2:D" + (intCounter + 1).ToString

Hi @nancy.tang,
You can do this as below


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